Last Week in Numbers

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Here’s an update of the running and cross training I did last week.

Monday – 14 mile cycle commute.

Tuesday – 4.2 miles before work. A quick lap of a local park at 6am, 8.07 minute miles.

Wednesday – 4.3 mile lunchtime run. Along the river, round a park, then back to the office. 8.24 minute miles.

Thursday – 14 mile cycle commute

Friday – Nada

Saturday – Nada

Sunday – Nada


Running total  –  8.5 miles

Cycling total – 28 miles

Strength training – zero

Interval sessions – zero

Yeah, this totally sucks.

It’s a new week though, and I hope to be able to run soon. However, I will do 3 sets of strength training, and I’ll cycle to/from work every day Monday to Friday (unless I can run).

Let’s go!

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