Last Week in Numbers

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Monday – 8 mile cycle, 11 mile run

Tuesday – 4 mile run, 9 mile cycle

Wednesday – 16 mile cycle

Thursday –16 mile cycle

Friday – 7.5 mile run

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 4 miles


Running total  – 26.5 miles

Cycling total – 49 miles

Strength training – zero

Interval sessions – zero


I am pleased with the running I did last week. Not only did I get in one longer run home from work (which I flaked out on the week before!), but I also did a shorter run to the station the following morning and also ran to my London office for the first time. This meant I’d done 22.5 mile during the week, which I love. It really takes the pressure off the weekends. That’s not to say I don’t want to do longer weekend runs, I just hate waking up and feeling it’s like a cloud over me. I much prefer getting to the weekend with some miles in the bank.


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