Last Week in Numbers

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Monday – 15 mile cycle

Tuesday – 15 mile cycle, deck of cards workout

Wednesday – 15 mile cycle

Thursday – 15 mile cycle, deck of cards workout

Friday – 7.5 mile run

Saturday – 2.7 mile run

Sunday – 11 mile run


Running – 21.7 miles

Cycling – 60 miles

Speed session – 1

Strength session – 2


Another decently diverse week. All the running was jammed into the final three days, but that’s just how it went – mostly as we’re away for the weekend. Next week is likely to be quite running heavy, which will be good for me. All these weekends away don’t do my weight any favours, and we have a mega holiday on the horizon. Running will be essential to keep me somewhat on track. In the longer run, I think October and November will be needed as an essential buffer between all this fun, and Christmas.

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