Last Week in Numbers

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I fear the above could be more true than ever as I wake up in Tokyo. Fingers crossed we figure out where to get my regular black Americano.


Here are my pitiful numbers for last week:

Monday – 15 mile cycle

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 15 mile cycle

Thursday – 7.5 mile cycle

Friday – 7.5 mile run, 7.5 mile cycle

Saturday – 6 mile run

Sunday – rest



Running – 13.5 miles

Cycling – 45 miles


Pitiful. However, it has been a busy week outside of exercise. Here are some other numbers from the week just gone:


Miles flown – 5,700

Amount spent panic-buying shoes – £200

Evenings involving actual cooking – 0

Days thinking the workload might kill me – 5

Loads of washing – 6

Bottles of champagne – 1


I’ll check in with you tomorrow to let you know how day one in Japan has gone. I hope your Mondays are okay, even if they can’t be as good as mine. At least you’ll have coffee.


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