Last week in numbers

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Monday – 15 miles cycle, 1 mile run

Tuesday – 7.5 miles run

Wednesday – 15 miles cycle, 1 mile run

Thursday – 20 miles cycle, 1 mile run

Friday – 16 miles cycle, 1 mile run

Saturday – 1 mile run

Sunday – 13.2 mile run


Running – 25.5 miles

Cycling – 66 miles


This week really shows how one long run can boost your miles. After running into work on Tuesday, I decided to semi taper (still doing the Run Every Day challenge) and hold off anything more than a mile until Sunday’s Royal Parks Half (race recap coming tomorrow!). By Saturday, I was feeling a bit twitchy, especially since I had a super quiet weekend. 

Still, it’s great to start Monday feeling properly relaxed. Let the month of downtime continue!

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