Last week in numbers

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Monday – 7.7 miles

Tuesday – 7.7 miles

Wednesday – 4.3 miles

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday5.8 miles

Saturday – 10.3 miles

Sunday – 4.5 miles


Running total – 44 miles



So, another week without a strength workout. Booo. I was keen to get in lots of running though, as I am off to Toronto tomorrow (!!) and it will be a week of work social events and jet lag, both of which will affect my ability to do much running.

I’m pleased that I managed to do so many miles, and got in a longer run. I need to start integrating sets of crunches, planks, squats and lunges into the shorter runs when I am not doing dedicated strength work. It’s just so much easier said than done.

So, as I pack my bags for Toronto, I include my running kit (well, three actually) and fingers crossed I get to hit the trails there at least once!


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