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Monday – 4.5 mile run, 7.5 mile cycle

Tuesday – 18 mile cycle

Wednesday – 7.5 mile cycle, deck of cards workout

Thursday – 7.5 mile cycle, deck of cards workout

Friday – 15 mile cycle, 3 mile interval run

Saturday – deck of cards workout

Sunday – 6 miles


Running – 13.5 miles

Cycling – 55.5 miles

Speed session – 1

Strength session – 3


This looks healthier and more diverse than the exercise I’ve done over previous weeks, even if my mileage was low.

The deck of cards workout (which I keep calling House of Cards; guess what we’re watching at the moment) is working well for me. Rather than immediately feeling bored and annoyed, it somehow keeps me on my toes.

Matthew and I have joked many times that it feels like we need to go part time at work to fit in all the bloody stretching, rolling and strength work – not to mention the cardio aspects like actually running. I often feel overwhelmed with all the “10 essential exercises for runners” articles that I read. If I can’t do it all, what’s the point?

Well, the deck of cards workout helps me with this mental block. Since I can rotate exercises in and out (largely depending on what aches from last time), I have get a lot more satisfaction and feel less daunted. Ultimately, doing something is better than doing nothing. If each muscle group is only worked once a week, it is still better than not trying. (The only other alternative is to actually work part time….and we’re not there yet).

I’m keen to try to stick to a more diverse training plan for a couple of weeks, and will ponder this more in the next few days.

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