A great weekend (without much running)

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Happy Monday! My weekend started with a five mile run in the rain before breakfast.     Then home for coffee, breakfast and to pack for a weekend away visiting friends!       They live in rural Wiltshire, and their … Continued

London running

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I read a number of running blogs written by people based mostly in the USA. Cos, you know, I have SO much in common with a petite blonde who can run a marathon in under 3hours 30. They have the … Continued

Stomach pain mystery – solved!

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Am I tempting fate here? Nah. I HAVE SOLVED MY STOMACH PAIN MYSTERY! I was getting extreme stomach cramps at about 4 miles into a run. They felt like a mix of an upset stomach that might result in needing … Continued

Running to work

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This weekend we are visiting friends in Swindon, so even though I will run both days, I won’t fit in a long run. So I decided to run the eight miles into work this morning. I find early morning running tough. … Continued

Memories of Manchester

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The Manchester Marathon took place last year, making it a whole year since I ran my first marathon. Boy was it tough. As I passed my friends at mile 19, I was in so much pain. Seriously, any hint of … Continued