Courir En France – Part Un

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  Bonjour from France! So let me bring you up to speed on the holiday fun.   Jeudi As I mentioned, we’re spending a long weekend at my parents’ place in Brittany, northern France. My brother was out there too, and … Continued

Foodie Penpals #1

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  Well, this week was ridiculously short, as we had Monday off for Matthew’s birthday, and then left for France on Thursday afternoon. Coupled with existing plans on Tuesday and Wednesday, we basically didn’t cook this week. So no My … Continued

Matthew’s Birthday

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Monday was Matthew’s birthday, so we took the day off to have a DAY OF FUN. (In somewhat-related news, I did no exercise on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Bad times). First the birthday boy opened his main present, … Continued

Running In Manchester

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We spent last weekend visiting friends up in Manchester. I have two university friends who live up there, with their husbands and kids. We all hung out together on Saturday until a babysitter took over for the littler ones, and … Continued

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