My Ideal Exercise Week

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As I mentioned yesterday, I am keen to develop and stick to a more diverse exercise plan. At the moment I routinely run and cycle, but my running incorporates far too many “junk” miles for me to really see any … Continued

Last Week in Numbers

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  Monday – 4.5 mile run, 7.5 mile cycle Tuesday – 18 mile cycle Wednesday – 7.5 mile cycle, deck of cards workout Thursday – 7.5 mile cycle, deck of cards workout Friday – 15 mile cycle, 3 mile interval run Saturday – deck of cards workout … Continued

A Day At The Races!

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Yesterday, I went to Newbury Races with a friend who’s getting married in three weeks. I was concerned that we couldn’t take a picnic (some race courses allow this and it makes for a cheaper and more relaxed day out). … Continued

Running Intervals. Hideous.

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So, this week I have done two strength workouts so far, which is GREAT. Like actually beyond comprehension, given how much I try to dodge anything which might build muscle and help me to improve. However, my running has taken … Continued

Recipe of the Week

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Well, it’s Friday and I for one and ready for the weekend. I’m going to the horse racing tomorrow, and then for a birthday high tea on Sunday. (Plus I need to do an intervals run, a long run, and … Continued

Everything Hurts

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This morning, I opted to do another deck of cards workout, but this time with different exercises working different muscles. The pain from yesterday’s workout hadn’t yet properly kicked in and it was pouring with rain outside. It seemed very … Continued

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