Autumn in London

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Ah, hello jet lag. Silly me, I thought I’d managed to avoid you, but no. You were just biding your time. Monday night, I went to bed at 9.30pm – not unusual for me, especially since I was running in … Continued

Last Fortnight in Numbers

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Never has the below been more true… Here is a summary of the running I did whilst I was away!   14th – 5.3 miles run around Tokyo Imperial Palace 15th – 3.9 mile run around Tokyo Imperial Palace 16th … Continued

Tokyo – Day 12

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Well, it’s here. Our final full day in Japan. Tokyo didn’t seem to care at all, and opted to look like this. I was a exhausted, so vowed to run later in the day (from the comfort of the treadmill) … Continued

Nara and Tokyo – Day 11

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Well, we’re back in Tokyo ahead of travelling home on Saturday. It’s kind of sad, but I think we’re both pretty ready for home. We’re fat and a bit tired of lugging suitcases around to be honest. Anyway, before that … Continued

Kyoto and Nara – Day 10

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Oh hi there. We’re in Nara for the night, but we spent most the day in Osaka. after a late night on day 9, we started our day in sunglasses and drinking calorific iced drinks in Starbucks. This deviation from … Continued

Osaka – Day 9

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Here’s my view as I write. Delightful. Our room has a Nespresso machine, which I have been putting to good use. Sadly, Matthew has just put on Pacific Overtures (a Stephen Sondheim musical, if you’re not in the know). We … Continued

Osaka – Day 8

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Well, bad news everyone. I am not coming back, as I have found the hotel of my dreams. It’s the Swissotel Osaka. Here are the things we love so far: Room upgrade on arrival due to the romance of it … Continued

Koyasan – Days 7 and 8

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Hello from Osaka! We’ve just spent a great evening in Koyasan, staying in a Buddhist Temple. With the monks. Crazy stuff. Sunday started with a final run along the Kamo river in Kyoto. The paths are fantastic and although I … Continued

Kyoto – Day 6

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After a very early night we were ready and raring for a Saturday in Kyoto. Well, the alarm went off at 7am and we got up. We had lots to see, but first off for a run. We headed down … Continued