Happy Halloween!

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Halloween isn’t something we traditionally celebrate here in the UK, but tradition can knob off. It’s Halloween and I am delighted. Not least because this involves FANCY DRESS! I won’t spoil the surprise, but stay tuned on Twitter/Instagram for my costume … Continued

A relaxing midweek morning routine

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When I was younger, I used to drive my dad up the wall by not packing by school bag the night before. Every day it would result in a last-minute panic. Suddenly everything I needed for the day would be missing, … Continued

The week’s off to a running start!

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With my poor bike abandoned at work since last Tuesday (hopefully people think the cobwebs are some sort of Halloween decoration), I ran in yesterday morning. This meant carrying my clothes in my backpack (and wearing my running shoes all … Continued

Last week in numbers

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Monday – 15 mile cycle Tuesday – 7.5 mile cycle Wednesday – rest Thursday – 4.5 mile run Friday – 7.5 mile run Saturday – 5.5 mile run Sunday – 4.5 mile run   Cycling total – 22.5 miles Running … Continued

Sunday runday funday

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Morning! How was your weekend? Mine was great! I have bored you all to death about my Saturday – both running and the fun that came afterwards. Sunday was full of fun too, starting with a quick run around our local … Continued

Running with a hangover

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Ssssshhh – whisper it, as this here internet is a rather public space and my boss might read this….but….sometimes…..I drink a bit too much red wine. In fact, I fairly often drink a bit too much red wine, and I … Continued

Food, wine and cosmonauts

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Two all time favourites, and a wildcard. After my Saturday morning run, and a quick bite to eat, I pimped my ride and headed to the Science Museum. There’s an exhibition on the Cosmonauts there, which a clever friend of ours of course … Continued

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