Last Week In Numbers

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Here’s an update of the running and cross training I did last week.


Monday – 3 mile run

Tuesday – 15 mile cycle commute + strength training

Wednesday – 9 mile cycle commute

Thursday – 9 mile cycle commute + 4 mile run + strength training

Friday – 6 mile run + strength training

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 6 mile run


Running total  – 21 miles

Cycling total – 33 miles

Strength training – three

Interval sessions – zero


I’m pleased to have more running miles under my belt this week, having only done 7 miles last week. Still, I didn’t do any single long run as I don’t want to ramp things up too fast. Hopefully we can get to that soon.

Again I did my strength training three times which I am so pleased with. I really feel like I am seeing improvements, and as it gets easier, so I am more inclined to do it. VIRTUOUS CIRCLE!

Hopefully as I continue to push myself in running, I will see the strength training translate into speed and endurance.


What exercise did you do last week?

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