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Frozen Banana “Ice Cream”

We had a few rather brown bananas kicking around the flat, so I had a look online to see what we could do with them (which wasn’t baking them into a delicious calorific loaf). I stumbled upon a recipe for frozen bananas which come out a bit like ice cream (URL in title above) and it was an absolute no brainer to me that I would try it.

Before work, I chopped the bananas and popped them in a tupperware and into the freezer.

When I got home, I stuck them into the food processor to see if the magic would work for me. And it did! The food processor made some pretty angry noises to start off with, but eventually it got the job done.

I don’t think I can describe to you how much this has changed my world.



Earlier in the week, this chap who is doing a secondment in France for five months brought in all the treats as a “goodbye”…and put them on the desk next to mine. By some miracle I managed not to eat them all, but seriously universe….what are you doing to me???



These little bastards are still there, but I know when I am being challenged to a staring match, and I will not lose.



I’ve been hitting the deck of cards workouts again this week, with a workout on Tuesday and one on Thursday. Here are the exercises I’ve been doing:


127 on Tuesday and Thursday



Side leg lifts

75 on each side on Tuesday

side leg raises



127 on Thursday



Knee press ups

35 on Tuesday


Rear leg lifts

75 on each side on Thursday

(I look just like this when I do them too)

leg lifts


Bicep curls

127 on both sides on Thursday

bicep curl



127 on Tuesday


We have a long weekend coming up, so I may potentially run six days in a row. I need to ensure that I incorporate some variety in terms of length and effort, including the dreaded speed work.

I’ll keep you posted!

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