66Audio BTS Bluetooth Running Headphones Review

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Happy Friday!!!!

Now, let’s talk headphones.

I love using my longer runs to catch up on the world with The Economist (audio), and often switch to music to boost me through the later miles.

I have always found running with cabled headphones irritating. They catch on things such as my watch, bushes, and other runners (it happened) and the in-built controls are small and fiddly when I’m wearing gloves (always).

So when I saw a glowing review of the top Bluetooth headphones for running right before my birthday, it was a done deal. I asked for the top rated ones – the 66Audio BTS headphones.

First and foremost of course, running headphones need to stay put. These ones absolutely do. As below, I have really put them through their paces…



They don’t move an inch. They’re lightweight and comfortable to wear.

They were easy to set up and pair with my phone. The battery life is incredible – 25 hours of music playback, and 400 hours on standby. You couldn’t really ask for more!

The sound quality is great, as detailed in the review.

The controls are incredibly easy to use when running. Big chunky buttons are easy to find, and very intuitive. I often wear very thick gloves, and these controls are still easy peasy to use.


HOWEVER an issue not even addressed by the reviewer is weather suitability.

I have worn these with my sunglasses without much issue. Sometimes this results in the sunglasses banging the headphones – and the resulting rhythmic knocking noise is a bit annoying. This is true of most over-ear headphones though, and ultimately, it works fine.

The main issues is that these headphones aren’t waterproof. This rules them out of about 70% of my running. London is a fantastic city, but you don’t come here for the weather.

Finally – and this really shouldn’t matter and clearly didn’t even cross the reviewers mind – they look a bit silly. All the photos on the website are at an angle….


…and this is presumably because you look like Princess Leia from the front.


Although, as Matthew wisely pointed out, “Princess Leia is hot”.

So ultimately, these are great headphones, provided you live somewhere dry or have a second waterproof set. After much soul searching. I have decided to stay in London and buy a second set of headphones.

Fortunately, i am never against buying more running gear….


Have you discovered some great running headphones?

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