A Day At The Races!

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Yesterday, I went to Newbury Races with a friend who’s getting married in three weeks. I was concerned that we couldn’t take a picnic (some race courses allow this and it makes for a cheaper and more relaxed day out). The idea of hectic crowds and spending the whole day either queuing for a drink or awkwardly trying to hold my jacket and drink without spilling one on the other. didn’t appeal. Well, my fears were totally unfounded. There were loads of bars, service was super speedy, and there was a lot of space to sit and watch the races. (I spent ALL the money – but let’s not dwell).


Some food, before we get started. Roast pork, crackling and apple sauce. YUM! I got extra crackling as Sally didn’t want hers. Fussy-eater friends are the best; you get all the good bits they won’t eat.



We drank quite a lot of this….



Hats on ladies! It got sunny later on.



As you can see, there was lots of space to sit and take it all in. People brought rugs and chairs – it was very relaxed. We were in the Premier Enclosure near the finish line. You can see the cheap seats further away. Also in the distance a concert stage – a very promising sign of things to come later.

2015-08-16 10.04.56


Almost time for the racing…but first, let me take a selfie!



I don’t even need to see the number on that horse on the furthest left, just coming into the picture….it’ll be the one we bet on…



Drinking prosecco in the sun. There are worse ways to spend the day! Isn’t Sally’s hat pretty?

2015-08-16 10.04.31


Our grand winnings (on £32 bet – fail).



After the final race, it was music time – Bjorn Again (an ABBA tribute band). “I feel like I win when I loooooose!”

(No, as above, we just lost).

“Waterloooo, I was defeated you won the war”.



This was a fantastic day! Running today may be a little slower, shorter and even more painful than usual.

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