A hot date, and….I RAN INTO WORK!

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I know – I run into work all the time right? No big deal surely?

I enjoy running, and it is something I can do – but this absolutely wasn’t always the case. In fact, I would say I “stuck” at running (assuming three years counts) on perhaps my 10th attempt at taking it up. Every other time, I have started out with the best of intentions, hated it, forced myself for a few more weeks, then given up. And each time, I swore I wouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking running might be for me again.

Well, it finally did stick, but I am left with the fear that at any point, I might give it up. I have met so many people who have worked for and accomplished the half marathon, and then given up and now laugh at the idea of even running a few miles. Running is my free and exceptionally efficient way to keep healthy and manage my weight. Without it, I would frankly be screwed. Cycling doesn’t even come close, and going to the gym would be expensive and would take up a lot more of my precious time.

I want running to stick around for the long haul.

That is why, when I don’t run for a few days, it makes me nervous. On Sunday, up in Edinburgh, we didn’t get to bed until 2am so getting up five hours later to go for a run seemed a bit crazy. Yesterday, I was supposed to run in, but slept badly and couldn’t face it.

Couldn’t face it. Therein lies my concern. Am I making excuses? Is it all over for me?

Well guys, i am pleased to say this morning I got myself moving, and I ran in. WOOOO! I was woken at 5.45am anyway, as Matthew has his beloved spinning class at 7am in the city. I agreed (with myself – there is a constant dialogue) that I could duck out of this run at any point I wanted to. We’d just see how it went.

And it was okay!


Now, let’s talk about the night before the morning after. I had a hot date with a handsome man Matthew, which is always a lovely treat in the middle of the week. I had a health check for my healthy insurance (mostly to get points and cashback for proving I am not a smoker – but it’s always good to know one’s cholesterol) in Selfridges (I know – strange huh), so got to see their Christmas window display.




We decided to have dinner in Marylebone, which is one of my favourite areas of London. I love the independent shops, and the village feel the area has. Matthew did some sleuthing, and we went to Bricole, which is a little Italian restaurant which serves a mix of tapas-style dishes and heartier main courses. I love small Italian restaurants, serving yummy red wine and steaming bowls of pasta and this was perfect for an autumn (so nearly winter!) evening.

As should all good dates, it started with champagne and Italian sparkling wine, whose name I have forgotten. 

Check out the cheeses in the background. YUM.


Then we ordered a load of small plates, including mozarella, fennel sausages and spinach and bruschetta with nduja, bresaola, The food was divine; I seriously couldn’t recommend this place highly enough. Service was attentive, and the restaurant itself was busy without being hectic. As a lovely touch, all the tables have a drawer on the side which they open to pop your wine, salt and pepper etc. in to give you more room on the table. Great news when you’re ordering half the menu, as we did. We will go back!

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