Fatih Restored – A Positive Long Run!

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I really needed this! Yesterday, I had a GREAT long run. As I mentioned, we’re in Bristol this weekend, and Matthew’s parents live bang in the middle of a 15-mile-long trail which runs from Bath to Bristol. It’s actually a disused railway line, and is well used by runners, cyclists and walkers.

I headed out soon after 4pm, and fortunately it wasn’t too hot. I headed West towards Bristol. A mile in, I passed a Shaun the Sheep! I had to take a selfie for my nephews, but couldn’t face barging in with the children for a proper photo.


Soon after that, I come to quite a steep climb which increases the ol’ heart rate.



Fortunately, there’s a great view at the top….


That’s right – we climb just to cross a road. Fantastic.


About a mile later the path goes through a former station, complete with platforms, which is pretty cool.


They’ve done great work to make this path nice and tidy.



A good reminder: stay hydrated people! (I totally contradict this below).



Here comes the absolute best bit. There is a bloody tunnel! It’s 0.5 miles long and I absolutely love it. It feels like the ghost train from Ghostbusters 2 could come by at any time. If only I’d run into Peter Venkman down there. He was a major crush when I was younger. (To be clear; Peter Venkman not Bill Murray).


This tunnel is, to date, my favourite bit of any run. It’s so so cool.

Just about the point where I turned around I was greeted by a cat buddy. Black cats are good luck….right?


You have to stop to say hello to friendly cats; it’s the law.



I turned around at 5.5 miles, and as I normally find with there-and-back runs, the way back went was way easier. I did 11 miles in total, and could have done more. YESSSSS!

There were two major differences to this week’s run versus last week’s disastrous one. First and foremost, it was lovely and cool. This meant I didn’t feel the need to glug water, which in turn makes me feel really nauseous. I am pretty sure I over-drink and this is where the wheels fall off. I only drank about 100ml yesterday which I know technically isn’t enough, but I felt just fine. I think I’ll try just using my handheld even for longer runs (I can always refill it), and being more structured with my water intake rather than thoughtlessly chugging it.


The second main difference is a lack of hills. Apart from that one climb, it’s pretty flat. Always a plus of running next to water or on former railway lines; they tend to be flat.

That said, last week I was already feeling shocking by the time I hit the hills. I just didn’t feel right; and yesterday I just did. Anyway, it really boosted my confidence, and I really needed that. Average pace 8.24 which isn’t groundbreaking, but equally, wasn’t too shabby.


As you’d expect with me, my reward was gin based.


In other news, we started building a cardboard city with our nephews. More on that tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peak…


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