A run in the rain, then more Sussex fun!

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Good morning!

Well, the weather outside IS frightful.


And the fire is SO delightful.


But it’s not Christmas, there’s no snow, and I had to run. I popped on the heart monitor and set off on a five-mile run. This time, the calories calculated as I would expect: 515 kcal for a 5.39 mile run. Well, I would normally expect a few more – but it’s in the ballpark.


Very odd that yesterday it calculated 613 kcal for a 9.43 mile run. Oh well, at least it’s righted itself.

It was really raining, and I almost talked myself out of going. But it’s due to rain exactly like this tomorrow, and probably for the next four months. So what’s the plan….just give up entirely? NO. And as ever, the rain was much more tolerable when I was running than it looked from indoors. It was cooling and quite peaceful. If a little damp…


Lindfield common had taken quite a battering from the bonfire night crowd. The locals/council must be praying for the weather to be dry, because otherwise this happens:


And that’s not even the bit that the catering trucks churned up.

This earned us another 10 “activity” points for our health insurance rewards scheme. This “points” acquisition could become really addictive. (It’s almost like that is the entire reason for the points scheme….).

It was coffee time when I got home. Er….garden? Stupid mug. PUB.


And to the pub we went, for a pub lunch. This definitely beats being at work. The food was insanely big, and really very good. 







As always, Matthew was the absolute pro when it came to demolishing his ribs….


Plus we saw a halloween-worthy “face in a place”….can you see it?




The day involved plenty more food, some more wine, and lots of hanging out with my family.

After dinner, I stupidly brought out a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, so of course me and Matthew stayed up until 1am furiously trying to finish it. 


It’s almost time to head back into London, for the REAL weekend, with more bonfire fun tonight. Woooo!

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