A Run to Work and Food Penpals

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Yesterday morning I ran to work and it was chillier than it has been. I even wore gloves! In reality, it’s more surprising that I ever don’t wear gloves as my hands are always cold. I could see my own breath, and there was a low mist hanging over the common. Autumn ahoy!


Since the horrendous long run, I have had five days without running – just cycling or doing deck of cards. I think this did me good, as I definitely had more of a spring in my step. Perhaps this is tied to the fact it was cooler too. I just don’t do well when it’s warm.

Anyway, I made it the whole way in, and without any public breakdowns.



My August Foodie Penpal package arrives yesterday! Look how beautiful it is…





I am beyond happy; my penpal Gabriele (check out her blog – Menu For Life) – who’s in Lithuania – sent me all sorts of treats, including coffee (yay!). Sadly I’m away this weekend so won’t get to try it immediately. Perhaps I will take it to work nest week.


I’ll update you on the various bits as I try them. One thing that did take a bit of a hit is the mini “bagels”. They are so delicious, I think I ate about five eight last night. They’re mostly savoury but with a hint of sweet. So moorish! It is good that we will be apart this weekend.


There were several snack and energy bars, which will be really useful for pre- and post-run snacks. I packed one for this weekend (the one with ENERGY written on it in the photo above)! There were also some savoury biscuits that I could perfectly envisage loaded with cheese, which will no doubt figure in our weekend – so they went into the suitcase too, as did the little wrapped sweets. Sharing the love!

I cannot wait to try the rest – it all looks so so good!!!


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