A sunny London run, and holiday time!

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It is LOVELY out there!

We’re off to Bristol this afternoon, to visit family, and I offered to take our case to work as I had to take several things which would prevent me from running in – laptop, towels, jacket etc.

Matthew and I got the train in at 06.36 (bleugh), I dropped off our things at the office, and headed for a run. I am so happy with where I work from a running perspective. It’s under half a mile from the Thames, which offers totally uninterrupted, and not-too-congested running for as far as you want to go really.

This morning is sunny and warm, without the heat and stickiness we’ve had lately.

I did my usual run along the north bank of the river, heading West as far as Westminster….






Before heading back East towards St. Paul’s.




A beautiful morning run between two iconic London landmarks. 4.10 miles @ 8:16.


I then dashed to Starbucks to get a coffee (free with our Vitality health insurance, so that’ll be a venti americano with an extra shot, and yes I *AM* interested in trying your new Kenya blend which costs more) and they spelled my name right. It doesn’t bother me how they spell it so long as I get my coffee (although, come on – “Hannah” was the most popular baby name of 1983), but I have taken this as a sign that today is going to be a GREAT day.

(I’m pretty sure posting pictures of coffee on the internet is considered the worst thing a person can do, but I march to the beat of my own drum).



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