A sunny Saturday run

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Well. What marvellous weather, eh?



It was long run day, and what a lovely day for it. I decided to run around the three commons near ours. I wasn’t quite sure what distance that would be, but it’s all pretty near our house so I could easily adapt to get in enough miles/limp home as needed.

Somehow I never have any running socks any more. I own about a thousand pairs, but I’m still pinching Matthew’s.


I couldn’t find our main suncream stash, but I found this rather tired looking SPF50. I have no idea how old it is, but hopefully it offered some protection.


Tangent > my dad “doesn’t believe in” suncream. He thinks it’s all a ploy to make people waste their money, and it actually doesn’t work. Complete nonsense. I’m not sure he actually believes it, as he’s yet to let my brother write “TIT” on his forehead in suncream on a sunny day. Ha.

Anyway, I started out on Tooting common.


Yes, you can believe your eyes – that is a running vest. We seem to have gone from long-sleeve to vest in about two weeks. I still have to wear gloves though – it needs to be a proper summer day before I’ll venture out in without some sort of glove.

Next up I ran to Clapham Common, to run with the beautiful people. The ponytails became bouncier, the men more ripped, there were no children, and I was possibly the oldest person there. Clapham. I tried not to feel jealous of the beautiful people who had done their effortless runs earlier in the day and were sunning themselves and drinking G&T from cans.


Finally, I ran round Wandsworth common, taking my total to 11 miles.


It’s a pretty up and down run, elevation-wise, but nothing too aggressive. You can see my heart rate never creeps close to my maximum which is fine by me for a long run.



I got home at the same time that Matthew got home from his jiu jitsu training and we were both starving.

Tangent > why can I never get the timing of a weekend run right? I woke up at 9am, had breakfast, and planned to hit the road at about 11.30am to be home for 1pm in time to cook some lunch for when Matthew got home at about 2pm. Perfect, right? Well I ended up leaving after 12.30pm when my stomach was already rumbling in anticipation of lunch. Idiot.

We had a handy packed of filled pasta in the fridge. In the spirit of Healthy April, we padded this out with some courgette chunks. Those filled pasta packets are big enough for 1.5 people which is so annoying! I get it – calorie-wise, half a packet is lunch. But just making the portion size smaller doesn’t actually help when you’re still hungry afterwards.



Now, it’s getting deliciously close to Saturday night and M-Dawgg and I are going to a 30th birthday party. I’ll be sticking to gin and slimline tonic instead of my precious wine, and trying not to inhale all the food. HEALTHY APRIL!


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