Almost the weekend….and a truly hideous run.

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Hurrah for Friday! It’s been a bloody long week. The kind where, when my boss called me for a scheduled meeting yesterday afternoon, he took me totally by surprise as I’d lost about four hours to testing various marketing emails (testing, changing, testing, why is that sentence in a totally random font?? testing, shit forgot the text version, changing, testing, getting feedback, changing testing…and suddenly it’s dark and there’s no one left in the office).

On Wednesday I did a quick run after work – 6 miles @ 8.11 pace. It was pouring with rain a few minutes before i left the house, but my main regret was that I didn’t wear sunglasses.


The weather feels a bit autumnal; windy, sunny and rainy. Not great for running to be honest, as you never know what you’ll get (often a mixed bag!) and running in the wind isn’t fun.


That evening I made cowboy caviar that I’d seen on on Hungry Runner Girl‘s blog. A load of spinach and rocket, a sweet potato and the delicious caviar. It was so so so good, and I think it may become a regular on the Smith menu.

The photo would look better without that random spinach leaf on the top.


Sadly as I was making it, there was a disaster. In fairness, how long could we keep a pot of utensils next to the window before they fell out?


They’re now on a small balcony which we could only reach by climbing out the window (which is quite low down, and quite shallow, so hard to climb onto through a window that opens like the one below).

Matthew thought he’d have a go at grabbing them using other utensils…. (she swallowed a bird, to catch the spider)


…but despite his best efforts…


…they remain on the balcony. My vote is either to replace them, or to engage rage to furiously use something long to push them off the balcony and onto our drive below (hopefully missing both neighbours and car).

Last night, I ran home from work and it was HIDEOUS. It was nothing out of the ordinary – I run that route (in one direction or the other) about three times a week. It’s 7.7 miles, and I successfully – and with minimal foaming at the mouth – ran 11 miles on Sunday. But this run almost killed me. I think part of the issue is that I have lunch at say 1pm and then by the time I hit the road, it’s been 4+ hours since I’ve eaten. With running into work, I have to suffer a morning of hunger post-run, but I run on a stomach full of cereal and feel pretty good. With running home, the hunger kicks in right in time for the run – which isn’t ideal.

I find it so hard to balance out the fuel I need to be able to run, and my ultimate goal to drop a few pounds. It’s all well and good to presume that running a lot will result in weight loss, but that’s simply not the case. I have been running 30+ miles a week, but have actually gained a few pounds. That said, there is a distinction to be made between having a bagel an hour before running, and having blowout weekends of eating and drinking junk. But still, a tiny voice says, “just skip the bagel and run half as far – it amounts to the same”. I do want to be a better runner too – but with weight control at the centre, it’s all too tempting to avoid fuelling properly, and today’s run was my punishment for that rather stupid approach.

Anyway – 7.7 miles @ 8.25 pace. I felt slow, I looked like shit, and I I hated it.


Before I set off, it looked pretty grey, but somehow the rain only hammered down on me for about 15 minutes. Note: this is about two hours before sunset. Not nighttime; just miserable.


I considered wearing my high vis, but then realised my running top probably had that covered. It doesn’t look that bright here, but you’d see me coming. (In fact, last night I think you’d hear me coming first).


Anyway, insert 40 minutes of swearing, snot, and a gait that lies somewhere between a limp and a shuffle…..

At mile 5, I decided to abandon listening to The Economist Audio telling me how violent life is in Pakistan (summary: very) and took sought out some encouraging words from Cheryl Cole. “If it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for”. So true.

Fortunately, dinner was in the slow cooker, so I only had to cook some cauliflower rice and steam some kale. And delicious it was too – chicken, bacon and mustard stew.


Even in my post-disastrous-run hideous mood, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt doesn’t fail to make me laugh:

Have a lovely Friday!!

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