Almost time for new running shoes

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Good morning!

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Half down, half to go. 

I remember buying my first running shoes back in 2013. I thought they were THE MOST precious things. I mean, they cost like £100! They were to be treasured and cherished. Every effort was taken to dodge puddles and keep them looking brand spanking new.

Fast forward two years (it seriously feels a lot longer) and I am burning through at least two pairs of running shoes a year. This makes it a lot harder to care if they get a bit muddy on a winter run. Even if they look perfect, they still end up fucked after six months of my weight slamming down on them.

They are a disposable commodity, to be replaced frequently without fanfare. With considerable expense, yes. But not with fanfare.

Most guides suggest you replace your running shoes every 300-500 miles. This blog – if nothing else, a very handy memory aid – tells me that I bought my last pair on 13th May. In the 24 weeks since then, I reckon I have averaged about 20 miles a week, bringing me very close to that 500 miles upper limit. 

Of course everyone’s experience will be different. A lot depends on how you land in the shoe (I can only imagine “heavily”) and what surface you run on (“hard roads”). Roads are the worst culprits for wearing through running shoes.

It’s not looking good for my current shoes, is it?

Add to this, I have had some – very minor – Achilliles niggles in my left heel. This could be totally unrelated, but whenever a new pain arises without an obvious reason, running shoes are a good place to start the investigation.

I think it’s time. 

Last time I bought running shoes, I was starting from scratch. My old Nike Pegasus 30s were effectively discontinued, and the Nike Pegasus 31s that followed them were complete different.  We didn’t get on well. I tried several shoes, and opted for the Brooks Ghost 7. I am very pleased to announce that we have had a lovely summer together, and I am keen to replace like for like. However, Ghost have just updated the specification, resulting in the Ghost 8. 

Some quick research tells me that there are no major changes here. THANK GOD. People on the World Wide Web (have you heard it it? It’s terribly good) have mentioned small things which either are structurally different (the professionals) or just feel different (the ignorant wearers, like me). In any case, I will need to go and try them out – as they’re not simply the same shoe again. Sweat Shop is just down the road from my office, so this feels like a lunch date this week.

Nothing beats trying out a running shoe in a suit dress, does it?

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