Amsterdam, Baby!

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Hello from Amsterdam!

Yesterday morning I did a quick run, then got ready and headed to the airport.

I’m in Amsterdam for a hen (bachelorette) party for one of my favourite people. Sally and I lived together about six years ago, and had a great time dancing like lunatics in various London pubs and clubs. We’re all a bit grown up now; she has a one year old daughter and has moved out of London, we’re both married (well, she will be soon!) and so forth. This weekend will be a great chance to relive the fun days, along with about 15 other ladies who no doubt have their own Sally Fun Times to relive.

This is bound to be a great weekend.

I will update you on just how painful running the morning after can be (very very painful I expect), and all the joys of Amsterdam. For now, I leave you with my outfit for Friday night (including traffic cone hat, modeled by Matthew).


Have a great weekend!



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