An easy run for Saturday morning

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Good afternoon, and hellooooo Saturday! Looking good my friend.

I really wanted to do a longer run today, perhaps with some hills, but my sodding achillies is talking to me. Not much; I definitely wouldn’t describe it as pain. In fact, it feels better than it has done….but still not quite right. I am pretty sure running 10 miles, half of which would be up quite a steep hill, would be the wrong thing. So brave ol’ me spent an extra hour in bed and did a shorter run. I’d rather be able to run little but often than destroy myself with a long run and be out of action for the week ahead. Plus, my poor bicycle remains at work, where it’s been since Tuesday, so I am keen to be able to run to work on Monday morning. 

I decided to run a route I haven’t done for quite some time. It is just a lap of our local park, but on the final stretch I veer off back into the park taking the run to 5 miles (rather than 4.5). It used to be my standard run, and somehow laziness took control of the wheel, and 4.5 has become routine. 

The weather is pretty miserable, but I guess you don’t get the pretty leaves and the much-more-tolerable temperatures without a grey cloud or two. 

I treat my local park as the “boring” run I do when I either don’t have time to do something better, or when I want to play it safe. In fact, it’s amazing to live within half a mile of such a green space.


It has the bridal track:



An athletics track:



A cafe:



Tennis courts:



A duck pond:



Two playgrounds:




Some lovely woodland:



A lido (unheated – I have not yet taken the plunge):



….and is used every day by countless families and dog owners.



Not to mention of course fellow exercisers! In fact, it has three running routes which are really clearly marked out.




Given that I live in urban London, I am really very lucky. Even if it does get a bit boring, from time to time.

Having just said to Matthew last week that it was pretty impressive that I wear the same running capris I wore in 2012 when I first started running – and they’re still as great as ever – I of course hit issues with at least one pair. They keep falling down. Now, I would love to say this is because I am so very slender that all my trousers fall down, but that would be a big bottomed lie. It’s far more likely my jiggling rear has finally beaten the poor capris into submission. So, the hot pink ones are safe, but I now have a fun task ahead of me to identify which of the identical black capris fall down by trial and error so I can replace them. My lucky lucky neighbours eh?



Anyway – run done gonna, have fun so I, call my girls gonna get my hair done. (Mis-Teeq? No?).

So I am ship shape and ready to go. We have a day of fun ahead of us; more on that tomorrow!



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