Argh – so much pain!

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Sunday – the day of rest. I am in an incredible amount of pain (explanation below) so my long run has become a “will I make it all the way round the common??” run.

Let’s roll back to discuss the first half of the weekend though, and how I have come to be in total agony.

Saturday started with a lovely lie in. We’d been to the cinema on Friday night, so I woke feeling well rested (in comparison to, say, having gone to dinner with Mr and Mrs. Dangerous for example).

First I indulged in the prescribed (by Dr. Me) amount of time drinking coffee in bed (a minimum of three cups or two hours; whichever is longer) with The Economist/Runner’s World. I have friends who wake up, and then immediately get out of bed. Like, they might lie in until 11am, but they will be asleep. Awake  = out of bed.

Say, whaaaaat? Bed is the best place. I am more than happy to return to bed to eat breakfast, read, watch TV etc. And my way is definitely right.

As a part of Healthy April, I vowed to do more strength work – that is to say any strength work at all. So I decided to start my weekend with a pyramid workout.

With pyramids, you start with a high number of reps using a lighter weight, and work through to a lower number with a heavier weight. In my case, I was mostly using my own body weight (non-trivial), but still followed to pattern to reduce the number of reps as my muscles become fatigued.

Matthew has a jiu jitsu session for the higher grades on Saturdays, which he really enjoys and tries to get to as much as possible. Yesterday was one of the rare Saturdays when he could go, but an emergency on the train meant that he didn’t make it 🙁 He looked so sad when he got home, and clearly had some rage to burn off… I roped him into my workout!

We did the following:

  • Press ups* (15, 12, 9, 6)
  • Crunches (30, 25, 20, 15)
  • Squats (50, 40, 30, 20)
  • Plank (60 secs, 50 secs, 40 secs, 30 secs)
  • Lunges (on each leg, alternating) – (30, 25, 20, 15)
  • Bridges (25, 20, 15, 10)

*mine firmly on knees; his the proper kind.

High-fiving on the way up, like the cool kids we are.


The number of reps is clearly pitiful, especially for the press ups, but I am coming from a base of nothing and this put me through my paces for sure. My legs felt suitably shaky afterwards, and I am already in intense pain which will only worsen tomorrow.

We then headed out to my godson’s third birthday party, and Matthew got another workout carrying the present. Poor chap.


Keeping coffee on the agenda for sure.


My friend had put in an unbelievable effort with the food. When she text me to say she was building a train out of peppers, I’d assumed she was joking. She was not joking.


It was a football party, which for three year olds means there are footballs present as we run around and burn off some steam.

In the other half of the sports hall, some people were practising Kendo – the sport of Japanese sword fighting – which made Matthew’s day.



At least with kids parties, when it all gets too much, there’s somewhere soft to lie down.



Back home, I sampled a new gin I got for my birthday. Yeah, chocolate gin.



As planned, we watched 28 Days Later, ahead of our Secret Cinema hell trip at the end of the month. I’ll write more on that nearer the time, but for now the goal was for Matthew to see the film. I wish Westminster looked anything like this when I run through. This is the very slowest part of my run home:

28 Days Lateer


They filmed the deserted London scenes at 4am, closing the roads for an hour at a time. To distract people from their annoyance at having to take the long way home from their night out, they deployed attractive young women to man the barriers. Shockingly, the cabbies were all very happy to comply. And yet when I strut through on my run home, presumably looking gorgeous, no one complies with my obvious need for them to make way. Go figure.

We had grabbed some sushi from one of our favourite places on the way home. Rubbish photo;great sushi.


We shared a bottle of wine curled up on the sofa watching people vomit blood everywhere. I think this might have been the moment I was waiting for all week. Yes, the film was horrific (and cannot wait to immerse myself in this one at Secret Cinema) but it was otherwise an entirely relaxing evening..

Now, it is a lovely day – time to get my poor aching body out for a run!


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