August in Numbers and a Three Day Week

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My total number of miles for August is….

88 miles!

I don’t really have a benchmark to go off, but this doesn’t seem that high to me. September will be an odd month, as I am on holiday for two weeks. On the one hand this will mean fewer long runs. On the other hand, running will be my sole form of exercise in this time so it is likely to be little but often.

Well, this week has flown by! Hardly surprising; having had Monday as a bank holiday, and Tuesday as an additional day of leave, this week started on Wednesday for me, which has worked out rather well.



We went out for steak dinner with our friends on Wednesday night; easing ourselves back into real life. Of course this meant no bicycle, which in turn meant running to work. After a “weekend” (four days) of pure carb loading, this was an easy run.


Sadly, there was a logistical failure; I forgot my hairbrush. Still, I think I managed to pull it off with some frantic finger combing.


My body realised at about 11am that a huge mother-in-law-provided breakfast wasn’t happening, and the rest of the day was spent starving. Welcome to reality body. Don’t worry, it will be short lived as we’ll soon be gobbling down sushi in Japan.

In reality, I didn’t even have to wait until then. STEAK NIGHT! After work we met friends near Smithfield Market.


This meat market opens at 2am and supplies many London restaurants and those individuals who are dedicated enough to the pursuit of MEAT. As you might expect, it has some great steakhouses in the immediate vicinity and we went to The Grill On The Market.

First a drink at the Old Red Cow…


…..and then a cocktail in the restaurant bar. Two-for-one on cocktails before 7pm – yes please! This was pink grapefruit based, and absolutely delicious. Yes, that is smoke in the bottle. God, I want one of those now (and it’s not even 9am).


I had the fillet steak which was so delicious and tender. I took a photo that I thought was good at the time, but it actually just looks like a badly-behaved five-year-old has been eating from the plate, so I shan’t share.


Totally uneventful. I cycled to and from work; Matthew made dinner, we watched an episode of Community, and then it was bedtime. The end.


It’s Friday!!!! Go on, watch it….you know you want to….

We’re off to Swindon for a wedding this weekend, leaving straight from work, so I ran in this morning.


I’m not sure if I should be concerned that I’m not getting faster on my runs into work. I have my next half marathon on 11th October, and whilst I am absolutely not expecting a PB, it does make me wonder – why am I not? Why am I not on track for one? I am running more now that I ever have before. During marathon training I was doing a 18+ mile run at the weekend,but besides that wasn’t running during the week. Now, I run 3-4 times a week and reach a higher mileage. Is it natural pessimism which makes me think I won’t PB? Or did I have something back then that I have lost since?

Our hotel this weekend looks to be near a really nice park/forest so I am hoping to get in a decent run before the wedding tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Have a great weekend!!


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