My perfect morning

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Hello, and a very happy Friday to you. After a busy week, I have high hopes for this weekend. And I’m not hard to please; no need for champagne and caviar. (Well, actually I love champagne….). Here’s my perfect weekend … Continued

Argh – so much pain!

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Sunday – the day of rest. I am in an incredible amount of pain (explanation below) so my long run has become a “will I make it all the way round the common??” run. Let’s roll back to discuss the first … Continued

Midweek musing….and strength training!!

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As a part of my job, I run events for my company and April is absolutely chock full of the things. You wouldn’t believe how much work there is to do around a simple breakfast briefing. Send invitation, people show up, … Continued

A sunny Saturday run

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Well. What marvellous weather, eh? Lovely. It was long run day, and what a lovely day for it. I decided to run around the three commons near ours. I wasn’t quite sure what distance that would be, but it’s all … Continued

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