Autumn in London

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Ah, hello jet lag. Silly me, I thought I’d managed to avoid you, but no. You were just biding your time.

Monday night, I went to bed at 9.30pm – not unusual for me, especially since I was running in the following morning – and woke up again at 2.45am on Tuesday morning. And that was that. It didn’t even feel bad; it was just no longer sleeping time. Clearly this will result in a very very dark Tuesday afternoon and evening. I guess I need to try to stay up later.

Anyway, no alarm necessary, I got up at 5.30am and got ready to run to work. Even though it was a bit earlier than usual, there is no denying that the mornings and evenings are getting darker. The moon was still up as my Garmin, much like me, struggled to adapt to its new location (and connect to the appropriate satellites – it always take a while when you move location radically).


In fairness, it was doing a good impression of still being night so I’m not sure the moon was that out of place. My biggest gripe is with the clocks for telling me it was morning, rather than mid-afternoon.

On the plus side, this made getting out of bed easy, and the run felt pretty good.

It started out pretty dark..


But gradually got lighter. (Yes; I am explaining to you that the sun comes up. Bear with me, I am very bloody tired).



I wore the full winter gloves, and even though my hands felt too warm, I think it was the right decision.



Good morning London!


Same distance and same time as always. I am a machine – that can never improve.


Ugh, ugly wrist cleavage. Sorry – this photo was taken squatting under my desk as my phone simply wouldn’t focus on the watch screen. That’s right phone; I want to take a photo of the ceiling lights reflected in my watch. Well done you for spotting this.

I was tired enough to accidentally not ask for a strong black Americano at Pret. Talk about your catch 22. Ideally, I have a call with my boss and his boss at 4.30pm this afternoon, which will no doubt go swimmingly. I might write Strong Black Americano on my hand, to facilitate subsequent coffee purchases.



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