An award ceremony and a new house guest

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Hello! T-24 hours until the London Marathon – how exciting! I remain sad/relieved I’m not doing it. I’m off for a long-ish run today, to remind myself of why I haven’t signed up for another marathon,and to avoid feeling tragically sad and left out as I see all the runners out there tomorrow.

Anyway, the second half of this week has been quite fun. On Thursday night, I went to the HFM Week Hedge Fund Performance Awards. Now I appreciate hedge funds and their performance isn’t the most interesting topic, but let’s be clear – this is not a poor industry, and the awards were always going to be a pretty grand affair. So when HFM Week invited me to be their guest, I was an immediate “yes”.

The awards took place at The Hurlingham Club in Putney.

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I seriously cannot believe this place exists in London. It’s bloody huge! At the end of the night, our sales director gave me a lift to the end of the drive in his black cab (too rich for my blood) which was allowed onto the premesis, as it would have taken about 15 minutes for me to walk! (From there, I caught an Uber, for about 30% of the cost of a black cab).


The food was absolutely amazing, and the champagne and wine free-flowing. After a really hard week, it was the reward I had been hoping for.

The best bit was – bloody Jack Whitehall was the presenter for the evening! He is one of my favourite comedians. He plays on being a *bit* posh, so he was in his element presenting to (for the sake of his routine) a posh, privately-educated audience of tax evading hedge fund barons. “His people”, as he put it. I have been to many award ceremonies, and he was by far and away the funniest presenter.

My Uber receipt tells me I got home at about 1am, so on Friday it took most of the day eating toast and drinking coffee to build up to even a short run. Still, I did it, which is the main thing. The weather was grotty, but that was probably better than blazing sunshine.




In other news, we have a new house guest – of the feline variety! Her name is Ezra and she is a beautiful little Siamese cat. We’re fostering her for a bit, as she’s a very timid cat and isn’t really in the right frame of mind for being re-homed right now. As you can see:


She’s only been with us a few days, so hopefully in the coming weeks she will realise that no one is out to get her (she was having trouble with other cats in her previous place) and that life is much more fun slobbed on the sofa, rather than sitting on a towel under a bed.

Anyway, yesterday ended with pizza, soft drinks and the final episode of Daredevil (see what fun you’re missing out on Ezra??). We were in bed by 11pm and both slept like logs. Happy days!



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