Back to running!

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Hellooooo Friday! Looking hot as ever. In fact, looking even better than usual, as work provided breakfast for the company as a surprise. 


I know; none too shabby for Hannah.

Good job I am back up and running. After pretty much taking a week off with a bad chest, it was good to get moving again. Yesterday, I had the day off to recover from our Back To The Future fun on Wednesday. And THANK GOD since we didn’t go to bed until about 3am. I moped around the house almost all day, until I finally gave in to common sense – that waiting until it got dark to go running was just plain stupid. I had a whole day available to me, for me to run around the common, and going at 6pm when it got dark, and running on the roads, was a missed opportunity. So at 4.30pm I got going.

It was lovely and autumnal at the park. No pesky sun dazzling me, no wind slowing me, and overall a great temperature for this Northern European.



My lungs were a little unhappy with the situation, but I made it on a 4.5 mile run.


Fortunately – and very oddly – I didn’t feel too hungover, and didn’t even bother taking water or sunglasses, which are usually essential the day after the night before. I guess sleeping until midday has some pretty major advantages. 

Since I abandoned my poor bicycle at work (thank goodness for secure bike parking!) I ran into work this morning. At first I dithered about getting the train partway, as I was nervous my lungs would hurt. I pulled my socks up, and decided to give the running a go, and to bow out en route if necessary – rather than preemptively get the train. This might sound like the obvious choice, but in reality the train gets pretty busy closer to town – plus I would be all sweaty, which isn’t great for others around me. 

Fortunately, I didn’t need to take the train at all.


My lungs felt just fine. My achilles felt a bit tight, and I wonder if perhaps I am due new shoes. It looks like I got my latest pair of shoes on 13th May (this blog sure comes in handy when it comes to remember what on earth I have done) and I think I run about 20 miles a week. This puts me at about 450 miles in these shoes, so I this sounds about right. 

So I made it the whole way in, and was greeted by the disappointing realisation that I had forgotten a vital – shall we say, load bearing – item of clothing. Bollocks. Still, this was countered by the delightful news that there was breakfast available in the meeting room. Joy! Fortunately, this tied in well with my intuitive eating, as I was starving after my run. It’s amazing how much running fires up my appetite, and I have struggled with “dieting” and running longer distances. Anyway, more on that as I explore Intuitive Eating further.

Now it’s heading towards weekend time, and I am feeling pretty chipper. Time for another coffee!


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