Bank Holiday Running

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“Great bank holiday weekend, nice that there was some sunshine, doesn’t it go by so quickly, yeah too quickly, oh well only four days until the weekend”.

I trust we’re all having some variation of that conversation with colleagues this morning.

Well, my Sunday Runday with my sister – inexperienced (her) vs. hungover (me) – ended with a default win for inexperienced as I just didn’t show up. Instead, we went for a run on Monday. My sister lives in the same town as my parents, where I grew up. Having run there perhaps 50 times, it was only this weekend that I discovered there is a lovely nature reserve there. Oh well, doesn’t matter. I enjoy running along main roads. Why would I prefer a nature reserve?

Nature Reserve 3


Yeah….I will be running here again.



Running with Matthew on Saturday and my sister on Monday kept the mileage and pace down, which I was happy with. I’ll be ramping up the miles this week but only very gradually.



We then headed back to London to get ready for the week ahead (circa 15 minutes) and relax in front of the television (four hours).

A friend and my brother came round a bit later for the Last Supper of the weekend.


Tomorrow it’s back to boring healthy, and the alarm will go off at 6am so I can do my strength exercises. Oh well, “only four days until the weekend, eh?”.

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