Bank Holiday Weekend!

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It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…




We are spending the weekend in Sussex, about 50 miles south of London where I originally hail from, for a variety of fun things.

But first things first. Before we left London, I kick-started the weekend with a run. I dragged Matthew with me…

Photo 23-05-2015 10 59 58


Matthew realised he was missing a trick by not posing so we had to take a second photo…

Photo 23-05-2015 11 00 46

In keeping with my plan to avoid re-injuring my calf, we just did a 4 mile lap of my local park. My calf felt good, it was nice and sunny, and I felt good after a very healthy week.

I’m a nice wife, so I won’t write about how much Matthew bloody complained from the end of mile one until about half an hour after we’d finished.




After a morning pottering around the house and watching The West Wing doing some tasks, we caught the train down to Sussex ready for a family friend’s 60th birthday party.


I have known the birthday girl since I was two years old, and she is mother to my very best friend, godmother to my brother, and grandmother to my godson (are you keeping up? WE’RE CLOSE!).

She perhaps like champagne even more than I do, so it was always going to be a fun evening.

We’re staying down in Sussex until Monday, and today I am going for a run with my sister who has her first race coming up – a 10km Race For Life (for Cancer Research UK – feel free to sponsor her!). We’re hopefully running 6km (she works in this new modern metric system – it’ll never catch on) and she’s fretting she will be too slow for me. I’m a good sister, so I made sure I handicapped myself sufficiently with the champagne last night. “No no, you run ahead Clare….I’m just going to retch at the side of the road for a bit”. Aren’t I great?

I’ll let you know how this run goes and who wins out of inexperienced vs. hungover.


Have you drunk any champagne this weekend?

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