Leaving, On A Jet Plane

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Holiday time!!

I had the afternoon off work yesterday, but had absolutely loads of work to do before that so I just did a 4 mile lap of our local park. I should get in some miles this weekend, and then there is a longer 11-mile run home from the office on the agenda for next week.


I got these capris to take me to three full running outfits. They’re BRIGHT but cost £7 and are very comfortable. Now you can see and hear me coming!

Breakfast was a bagel thin. I have been meaning to buy these for ages, and finally got around to it earlier this week. At 125kcal per bagel, they are a great alternative to your full bagel.


Work was really busy. It always seems to be a frantic rush to get things done before I go away. I expect everyone feels the same. I had packed the night before, so I kept working until I had to leave for the airport which helped a bit. Then off we went!

We met our Most Dangerous Friends at the airport, ready to get things started.


On the plane, I forgot my Economist so I bought a Jack Reacher book (guilty pleasure!) whilst Matthew slept. I am so envious of his ability to sleep wherever he is. 10 hour flight? No issue – flick the “off” switch and next thing he knows, we’re there! Fortunately, this was not a 10 hour flight; it was two hours, meaning we could check into the hotel, and head out for a drink or two on the rooftop bar of the hotel.


Our hotel looks amazing!!! I cannot wait to explore it tomorrow. Plus I found out earlier this week, breakfast is included. I always avoid paying €25 for breakfast because a) that’s expensive and b) it forces me to “get my money’s worth” (pig out). Anyway, it seems it was included this time and reviews have been great.

Happy Friday!!

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