Can’t Run For Coffee

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I am taking the weekend off running, to really let my calf muscle heal. This makes me furious, but there isn’t much I can do about it.

No Running

Well, I could just run anyway, ignore the pain, and then just have to take more time off running later…..let’s call that plan b. Or I could Hulk out. Actually yes, this sounds more like it.

Hulk Out


I am definitely not someone who leaps out of bed grinning at the thought of running. I don’t enjoy every step. Sometimes, the thought of running up my road (the start of almost all my runs) makes me feel doomed. However, I am worse without exercise.

A few days without exercise, and I am climbing the walls. Couple that with a quiet weekend, and I am filled with an irrational anger at everything and everyone. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – my husband is a lucky guy.

I have two main coping mechanisms for when I can’t exercise at the weekend.


Tidy house, tidy mind

An oldie, but a goodie. If nothing else, one of things which is most likely to spark my irrational anger is being surrounded by mess. We live in a small flat, so we’re never more than a few moves away from utter chaos. Cleaning, tidying, sorting. These things give me a similar feeling to the accomplishment of exercise. So far this weekend, I have done five loads of washing.



In fact, this sort of organisation isn’t restricted to my flat; my actual body can benefit from it. From painting my nails to doing my hair, it all helps.



Watch what I eat

Two days without exercise and I feel like a whale. Clearly this is stupid, but it can easily be self-fulfilling. When I go on holiday, I make extra effort to run in the mornings because I think it sets me on track for the day ahead – ensuring I at least pause before eating six ice creams round the pool. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. “Oh, I can’t exercise, I should probably give up and eat some ice cream. I’ll get back on track when I can exercise again”. WRONG! Taking extra effort not to over-eat avoids this death spiral, and means I can get back to the exercise from where I left off, not 5lbs heavier and more miserable.


Fortunately I can cycle to and from work Monday to Friday, so won’t be completely without exercise. Hopefully I will be able to run again soon, or next weekend I will need to think of a proper plan b.

[I’ve made superhuman effort not to fill this post with expletives. You’re welcome].

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