Sunday runday funday

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Morning! How was your weekend? Mine was great! I have bored you all to death about my Saturday – both running and the fun that came afterwards. Sunday was full of fun too, starting with a quick run around our local … Continued

Food, wine and cosmonauts

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Two all time favourites, and a wildcard. After my Saturday morning run, and a quick bite to eat, I pimped my ride and headed to the Science Museum. There’s an exhibition on the Cosmonauts there, which a clever friend of ours of course … Continued

Running with a hangover

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Ssssshhh – whisper it, as this here internet is a rather public space and my boss might read this….but….sometimes…..I drink a bit too much red wine. In fact, I fairly often drink a bit too much red wine, and I … Continued

Happy Back To The Future Day!

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Well, it’s the 21st October 2015. Back to the Future Day!   Any excuse for fun around here: Full fridge? Check! (Note my emergency G&T in a can, from last month’s Foodie Penpal! Will it survive the night??).   Booze? Check!   … Continued

Won’t run for Lemsip

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Apologies for the radio silence. There’s not much that will shut me up, but this sore throat will do it. Yes; I am ill 🙁 It’s only a cold, but it’s given me a hearty cough, tight chest and very sore … Continued

Taking a break and having some downtime

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Well, we’ve had a delightful two week holiday, and then a very fun time catching up with people now we’re back home. We’ve had dinner parties, I have sung karaoke (there is a video, but I would lose friends if I … Continued

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