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A friend of ours recently moved to London from New York. “Where is the best place to get coffee in London?” she asked Facebook. The response was unanimous: go independent!!

I am definitely not a coffee snob, and I regularly use my Nespresso machine and visit the main coffee chains. They’re easy, they’re everywhere, and you know what you’re getting.

At the same time, it’s great to support independent coffee shops, and to try something new. My local deli serves fantastic coffee. They also sell beautiful salted caramel chocolate brownies, which are impossible to I must resist. I had one on my birthday; that’s the sort of frequency these should be approached with.

There are lots of independent coffee houses near my work, such as The Pickled Pantry which does great coffee. It’s like two seconds further than Cafe Nero, and definitely worth it.



There is also The Press Room – spoiled for choice!

The Press Room


I struggle to find interesting coffee by my central-London office, and normally end up going to one of the chains.



When I stumbled upon the Time Out guide to London’s Best Coffee Shops, needless to say it caught my attention. So I plan to visit these shops over the course of the summer to experience the best London has to offer!

I’ll keep you updated.

Where is your favourite place to get coffee in London?

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