Courir En France – Part Un

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Bonjour from France!

So let me bring you up to speed on the holiday fun.



As I mentioned, we’re spending a long weekend at my parents’ place in Brittany, northern France. My brother was out there too, and arrived earlier in the week than we did.

This meant he could send me photos like this whilst I sat at my desk on Thursday morning…




Finally, it was go time! We landed at about 6pm, which incidentally is happy hour in my family. The airport is in Dinard, which is a lovely town on the coast. We headed straight out for drinks and dinner. Dinner was at Restaurant La Vallee which is right by the waterfront.



The food was delicious – lots of seafood, my absolute favourite. An odd thing to mention, but the toilets of this restaurant are really cool, with exposed rock from the cliffs behind.



At first we thought this sign had been vandelised, but no – it was pointing out the very obvious (don’t drive your car into the sea).



It stays light essentially an extra hour here compared to London, so time somewhat escaped us. This photo was taken at about 10.30pm and it’s still not properly dark. Almost as crazy as the fact these two were being nice to each other (it’s usually constant banter). Check out Matthew’s t-shirt. Ha.




Having run with my sister a few weeks ago, this time me and my brother hit the road. He’s building up to running 10km and is following quite a strict plan. I was happy to join in with his run, especially since Friday was our only day together as he was flying back early Saturday morning. I could built up some miles on Saturday or Sunday.

We ran on the lanes which are everywhere in this part of the world. It was a “there and back” run which can be a bit boring, but we chatted and it was so different from running in London, it kept me entertained.





This set us up nicely for a day of eating and drinking!


Do you like seafood?

Who did you last run with?


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