Courir en France…Part Trois

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After a lovely run in the woods on Saturday morning, we hot footed it over to a market in Dinard (where we went out on Thursday night). I bought myself a duffel bag (intended for the beach, but I’ll use it more generally), a skirt, and a dress.

Not to forget of course a coffee…


We arrived a bit late; entirely my fault for taking so long with my run that morning. (Bloody woods). Next time I have promised Matthew we will spend a whole morning there, as the stalls have loads of great food, pottery, clothing and so on. It really is great fun.

Now, a holiday in France wouldn’t be complete without crêpes. We headed to a crêperie for galettes for main course and crêpes for pudding. I had a galette with smoked bacon, potatoes and goat’s cheese, and then a crêpe with Nutella, whipped cream and banana. Matthew and my dad drank Breton cider our of cups, and I had un peu de vin blanc.

Suddenly the morning’s run seemed deeply insufficient…



After that, we decided to go into St. Malo which is the main town near my parents’ house, just across the bay from Dinard. We caught the boat, which gives you great views of St. Malo which is essentially an island walled town, only connected to the mainland by a man-made causeway. Because the town faces out to sea, you really get the best views from a boat (see bottom photo).


We spent a lovely afternoon in St. Malo, looking around the shops, walking along the ramparts, and enjoying a coffee in the square.


We had such a busy day, a certain someone was a little bit tired on the drive home…

We decided after all the action that we would have dinner at home. Cue more pate, cheese, wine and bread. I could get very very used to this….



Almost home time 🙁

I woke up with VERY sore legs from running in the woods on Saturday. I totally underestimated how much effort it took to run trails, having to constantly find your balance on uneven surfaces. I decided to take it easy on Sunday morning, and we went for a walk round a nearby reservoir. It was beautiful, and next time I will definitely run here next time.


Then it was time to head to the airport. Sad times.

We got home at about 5pm, and my legs had definitely loosened up, so I decided to go for a quick run locally. I was beginning to feel a bit tetchy that the holiday was over, and Monday was almost here. Running is the best way for me to burn off any anger or irritation.

It was still really hot in London, even at 6pm, so I was fully kitted out with suncream, visor and sunglasses. There were still lots of people enjoying the common and it was one of those nice runs where it feels pretty easy, and you feel better when you get back that when you set out.


With that, the weekend was over. I’m already considering our next trip out to see my parents, hopefully for a bit longer, to allow for entire mornings at markets, and longer runs in the woods.

Do you run on trails? Does it hurt your legs and ankles?


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