Cross training…out of my comfort zone!

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Good morning! A very good morning actually – I am buzzing from my first swim (for exercise) in about five years. Something tells me I will feel less elated tomorrow when I realise I can hardly move my shoulders.

Let’s back up. Swimming?? Say whaaaaat?

My knee was niggling on Sunday/Monday. Nothing major, and in fact the pain has almost gone now, but I am keen to see it off for good, so I’m giving it a break. Also, it never hurts to mix things up a bit and try something new.

Cycling is my number one go-to cross training exercise.


It gets me to work, it’s free, and it fits in exercise in a time that would otherwise be spent on a sweaty train.  Plus, look at my pretty orange bike…



I am fine cycling to work; I am fine cycling for leisure somewhere pretty with friends, but just cycling around London for the sake of it for exercise?

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No thanks.

Lucky for me I live a 15 minute walk from a brand new leisure centre complete with a 25m pool (as well as an ice rink, and epic gym/fitness facilities). Swimming used to be my exercise of choice, and I would swim five to six times a week. Then I started cycling to work, and swimming fell off the radar. (I am SO all or nothing…it’s a shame).

Well, let me assure you – to stay swimming-fit, you have to swim. When I was swimming, I couldn’t run a mile. Now I can run 10+ miles without much bother, swimming should be even easier right? Right??

It was a humbling experience. Mercifully, the water blocked out the sound of my gasping breaths (for me). I managed 1km of freestyle, and my shoulders already ache. The recovery from this won’t be pretty.

I am very pleased though; I feel like I’ve had a proper workout! Whilst I really hope (and expect) to be back up and running by the weekend, I will get back to the pool again soon. It’s great to keep my body on its toes, and to diversify my routine a bit more. Plus, us runners are never far from injury, so it’s great to have another exercise up my sleeve, to fall back on in hard times.

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