Cycling, Blood Donation and Paellacue!

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Morning! Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here in London, so even cycling through really heavy traffic was fairly pleasant. I go through some major road works which have pretty much ground South West London to a halt. Fortunately the bike lanes are pretty clear and the works are actually to improve the cycle route, so one mustn’t complain. (Obviously if they were doing essential gas repair work, I would have every right to be furious).

The first new bike junction opened towards the end of last week and it’s AMAZING. It’s the northbound bit (on the left of the below image).

Oval image 1

Before in order to go straight on, I would have to move from the far left hand side (green in the above image) across three lanes of traffic and into the lane the bus is in. Now, as you can see, the blue cycle lane takes me across the traffic using special bike traffic lights. Hopefully they’ll do the same thing going South.

In other news, this weekend we’re having what seems to have become the Smiths Annual Barbecue on Saturday. This time Matthew will be using his paella dish too, so it’s been re-branded to Paellacue (it was going to be Barbaella, but some of Matthew’s friends thought this had something to do with Barbarella, and were then greatly disappointed).



The weather forecast looks like this. Nothing to write home about on a global scale, but given that it could easily be raining, I would be DELIGHTED with this outcome.


Hurry up weekend.

Yesterday was blood donation day – donation number 12.



I try to donate as close to every 16 weeks as possible, and really wanted to get one in before we go to Japan in September, as I have no idea how that will impact our eligibility. Of course a major plus of blood donation is the crisps afterwards.


2015-08-04 14.35.32

I’ve never seen these in the shops, but I do *quite* like them. And I have to eat them. SERIOUSLY. It’s the rules.

Besides delicious (and obligatory) crisps, I had Belvita biscuits for breakfast, as usual, and lunch was leftover mushroom risotto. For dinner, Matthew and I decided at the last minute to go for sushi which was delicious. No photos, as I was too busy eating.



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