Tokyo to Kyoto – Day 4

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Good morning from a very wet Tokyo!


Since we’re off to an equally wet Kyoto – to a hotel without a gym – it was definitely time to try out the gym facilities at our Tokyo hotel.

It’s pretty basic stuff; two treadmills, a bike and a cross trainer.


The great thing is you can see them from the door to the bedrooms so you don’t waste a journey if they’re busy.


The downside is, being on a mezzanine in the main central lobby of the hotel (which is eight floors of open space!) doesn’t provide much air conditioning. It was WARM.

I did 6km at 12km/hr at 1% incline, then removed the incline to do 1km at the same pace then 0.5km at 12.5km/hr and 0.5km 13km/hr.

The machine told you what you’d earned in food. I started with a candy and ended with a full meal.


It was so hot though. Probably better than the rain….although perhaps just as wet.


Back to the room, it’s time to clear up and check out so we opted to have some remaining Lithuanian snacks from my Foodie Penpal Gabriele.


We hadn’t used the room tea/coffee facilities and what a mistake that was. DRIP COFFEE.

Here’s how it went down.







BOOM! Time to pack, and then….Shinkansen to Kyoto!!

Now, if you’re reading this, there isn’t WiFi in our next hotel, or I simply didn’t bother updating this once we got to Kyoto. If it’s the former, I won’t be back until Monday of next week. If the latter, hopefully I’ll get act together and post about the bullet train and Kyoto tomorrow. I’ll schedule this post now though, JUST IN CASE.

I hope you’re having great Fridays!

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