Deck of Cards Workout and Weather Woes

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This morning I did the Deck of Cards workout, which I have read about on Running High. Basically, you take a deck of cards (or, like me, use an app on your phone – 21st century people!) and assign an exercise to each suit.

Then you assign a number to the face cards and the ace.

Turn over the cards, one by one, and do the relevant exercise the right number of times.

I really wanted to include push ups – which I basically cannot do – and bridges. Neither of these would make it through the whole deck, so I set reasonable goals for these two.


I decided on the following values for f/ace cards:

Jack – 12

Queen – 15

King – 20

Ace – 25


This morning I did:

Spades – Bridges (no f/ace cards) = 54

Hearts – Box push ups (only cards 2-6) = 20

Clubs – Crunches = 126

Diamonds – Squats = 126


Hopefully I will build up to doing the full deck for all the exercises I want to do (and graduate to full push ups – something I cannot even imagine).

I would like to incorporate lunges and reverse crunches in future too. This is the beauty of this workout; you can mix and match the exercises you do. I found using the deck of cards stopped it from being as deathly boring as I usually find strength work. Also, I did it in the morning, so I didn’t have time to talk myself out of it. “I’ll do it after work”. Bullshit Hannah. Bullshit.

Now… sore will I be tomorrow? I’ll keep you posted.

The weather tomorrow is set to be terrible. “A month’s worth of rain in two days” accompanied by some hearty thunder storms. This does not help me out one bit.

Cycling in the rain doesn’t bother me, but when there is a lot of surface water it becomes dangerous. You can’t see what’s on the road beneath you, and manhole covers can be absolutely lethal. Also, I worry that drivers can’t see me.

Running in heavy rain isn’t pleasant as your shoes fill with water and rub your heels/ankles, things start chafing like they never do normally, and you get splashed by passing cars ploughing through puddles.

The train will be full of damp people as everyone avoids the rain. It’s a squeeze to even get on the train these days and Matthew goes to the gym at 6am on Thursdays so I wouldn’t have company.

Ah, three shitty options.

Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised and it won’t be pouring when I wake up. Fingers crossed!!

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