Easter begins…(with sunshine!)

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Ah, Good Friday sure does live up to its name. No work, sunshine, coffee and running. The bank holiday is off to a good start.

On Thursday, I cycled to work and opted to leave my bike there for the weekend. I am SO lucky to have secure bike parking. It’s underground (I have to use a car lift to get down there (so very James Bond) and behind full height locked gates whenever there isn’t a security guard in his booth. The basement of our work is such a rabbit warren, I would challenge thieves to even find the bikes.

So bike duly abandoned, I ran 7.7 miles home, into the wind and the rain. Perhaps this doesn’t sound like a great start to the bank holiday. At one point, my heart rate went well into the red zone at 180 bpm even though I was on the flat, and I actually feel a bit odd. I suddenly felt incredibly cold and empty.

By way of comparison, my heart rate was 0.2% of my run into work on Tuesday (below, left) and 10% of my run home last night (below, right). The elevation might have something to answer for.



After a long hot bath, and a diet coke (recovery 101) we went to the cinema to see London Has Fallen. Like really, really fallen.


We LOVE this kind of shit action film, and we get free tickets with our health insurance (WIN!) making me a very cheap date. The film doesn’t mess around; the German, Italian, Japanese, and French heads of state all cop it within the first 30 minutes, along with pretty much every landmark in London. The UK ended up with a Prime Minister Clarkson, which I found a bit worrying…



Today, I woke up to blazing sunshine.




It was even time for my summer gloves and bare arms!


The sun shining on huge puddles on the common told a tale of very mixed weather.


I just did a quick lap of the common, as we had a busy day and I’ve already done 21 miles this week. My ideal is to do about 30 miles a week, and given that I will run tomorrow and Sunday too, there was no need to hustle this morning.

Any pace under 8:00 makes me happy.


I got a load of vouchers for my birthday, and we still have vouchers to spend from our wedding so today we’re going shopping. I am not a happy shopper, even with vouchers, even when buying fun things for myself. My feet hurt, my back hurts, there are queues, it’s always too hot. So wish me (and poor Matthew) luck!

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