ElektroShack ES201 Headphones Review

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Having reviewed my 66 Audio BTS headphones a few months ago, I thought I would check in to update you on my progress in the world of BlueTooth headphones.

The thing that irked me about the BTS headphones was that they weren’t waterproof, and equally they didn’t play nicely with my sunglasses. This presented some serious limitations, so I opted to buy a pair of different headphones as a backup. After very little research (looking at Amazon reviews), I chose the ElektroShack ES201 headphones.

They are exceptionally lightweight and fully waterproof. What’s more, they don’t need to rest on your ears – they’re so light and springy, they just kind of clamp on – so they don’t interfere with sunglasses or hats.


They are incredibly comfortable, and have full volume and track control as you would expect. Their battery life is far less impressive than the BTS headphones, at six hours of music playback (or 100 hours on standby). The sound isn’t as good as the BTS either, but both are absolutely fine for me.

Plus, major bonus, they cost £19.99. As a true demonstration of how successful they’ve been, Matthew tried them once and immediately bought his own pair for the gym. They really are so comfortable it’s incredible.

Sadly, I am a creature of habit, so now tend not to wear the BTS headphones. It is a shame, since these were a birthday present, but hey – maybe that will change at some point. For now, the sun is shining, my sunglasses are strapped to me constantly, and the ElectroShacks win.

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