Everything Hurts

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This morning, I opted to do another deck of cards workout, but this time with different exercises working different muscles. The pain from yesterday’s workout hadn’t yet properly kicked in and it was pouring with rain outside. It seemed very sensible at the time.

I did lunges (54 on each side), side leg raises (70 on each side), bicep curls (127 each side) and reverse crunches (127).

At lunchtime, the pain started. Type 1, all the way.

Types Of Pain

It’s mostly my deltoids from doing the rubbish weakling push ups. My hamstrings hurt too, from the bridges. Both these exercises were yesterday.

This tells me that the pain will be significantly worse tomorrow.

Again, doing this workout was not mental torture. Having had a couple of higher-mileage weeks, this week will be more about speed, strength and stretching. Tomorrow I’m going to try to run a speedy 3.5 mile run near the pace I did the J.P. Morgan race of that distance (27 minutes – or 7:42/mile pace) – crowds permitting. Hopefully I will do one more deck of cards workout at the weekend, and I might try to do a longer run since my mileage has been so low. We will see how that goes, as I have quite a busy one.

For now, I will just be happy that I ache therefore I have tried.


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