Exercising With A Cold

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Yep, I have a cold.



Matthew came down with one on Friday, so it was kind of inevitable that I would get it. Probably my punishment for making him run on Saturday morning. We both spent Monday afternoon snivelling away on the sofa. Thank God we just discovered Community on Netflix. (If this is new information to you, YOU’RE WELCOME!).

Unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked, so the alarm still went off at 6am yesterday morning for strength exercises, and then I cycled to work. The show must go on.

It can be hard to know when you’re genuinely too ill to exercise. A common rule is “In the head? Go ahead. In the chest? Have a rest”. Mine is almost 100% in my throat (“buy a boat”?) but ultimately I wouldn’t consider taking a day off work because of it, and I don’t think it is affecting my body’s ability to exercise. Just because my throat hurts a lot, doesn’t mean I am actually that ill. I don’t have a fever; I’m not coughing and my chest is absolutely fine. I’m not dizzy or nauseous.

It’s just a cold.

In my experience colds just last as long as they last and nothing makes them better but time. I do make sure I drink plenty of water though, and carry extra tissues for the sake of everyone who comes into contact with me, but otherwise it’s business as usual. Nonetheless, this isn’t the time for intervals or extra-long runs. I stick to nice easy exercise, that just keeps me moving but isn’t trying to set records.

I also make life as pleasant as possible for myself afterwards. Like having a bath when I get home. Putting on a nice warm dressing gown. Watching back-to-back episodes of Community with a hot cup of peppermint tea….for example….

Have you recently discovered an amazing new-to-you TV show?

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