An Alternative to the Running Fanny Pack

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When I wrote this title, I debated which sounded worse; “running fanny pack” or “running bum bag”. One, for those of us in the UK at least, sounds like a feminine hygiene product, and the other like diarrhoea damage limitation.

Both sound pretty bad – just like the type of running bag I’m referring to.

Bum Bag


Much as I would like to be someone who just loves running so much I don’t need entertainment, long distance running can get boring. I managed to do one 21-mile training run without music, but the fact I still brag about that now tells you all you need to know. It’s unlikely to happen again any time soon.

Normally I carry my phone, so I can listen to music or catch up on The Economist audio version. To be honest, I would probably carry my phone anyway, just in case I needed to call for help (“Matthew! Running is hard. I’m tired and bored. Come and get me” – he’s a lucky guy), or to take actions shots like this…



My phone is a Samsung S5 Mini – and it really doesn’t live up to its name. It’s huge. There is no way this bad boy is going to fit into the pocket of my running capris, and even if it did fit, I doubt weighing my capris down like that would end well for me….


Obviously I also need keys, emergency bank card and, if I’m going further, gels and so on. I originally used a bum bag/fanny pack (you decide) around my waist, but it jiggled around quite a lot. I jiggle more than enough by myself and don’t need anything to add to the feeling of chaos when I run.

Then I found the flip belt on a forum somewhere. *Sound of angels singing*. A running belt that is actually comfortable to wear and stays still.

It’s a really lightweight circular sleeve of stretchy fabric that fits round your waist.




It has openings on one side, so you can slide phones, keys, money, energy gels in.



Flip the belt over (you see what they did there?), so the openings are flush against you, and everything stays put.



The belt itself weighs almost nothing, and doesn’t move at all if I wear it round my middle. My preference would be to wear it round my hips, but it does then ride up for me – always migrating towards my middle. I can live with this though, as it still beats the fanny bum pack bum hands down.

How do you carrying things when you are running?

Will you do much running this weekend?



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