Foodie Penpal April and a pre-weekend run

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I am tres happy it’s almost the weekend – and a fun-filled one too. Well, I hope. (*Shakes fist* don’t let me down weekend!).

I’m going on a lil’ road trip to meet my friend Charlotte for a night away tomorrow. We booked ourselves into a fancy pants restaurant months ago, and I can already see us enjoying Pimms in various picturesque village pubs.

In anticipation of this fun, I ended my working week with a run to work.

Now 7am warm weather is a delight (unlike midday warm weather which is TOO HOT). I had a fresh issue of The Economist to listen to, which had decent coverage of Trump’s apparent win of the Republican ticket.

(I’ll let the below photo do the talking on that one).





At first, I read the below that I’d managed to do 7:57 pace to work (I have never broken 8:00) and was so happy. Until I realised it was the mileage (randomly different from every other time I’ve run that route). My pace; 8:09.




Long overdue, I thought I would share my Foodie Penpal box from April. I mean, not actually share it. No way, it’s long gone – all eaten by ME ME ME.

It was sent to me by Zoe, who lives in the UK. I told her I really like healthy snacks (great for pre- or post-running) and coffee (naturally) – and she did not disappoint.

Check out this bounty:


First things first – the coffee. Zoe sent me her boyfriend’s favourite instant coffee: Millicano Wholebean Instant. I don’t drink a great deal of instant coffee, but it’s always handy for travelling (anything beats the shit Nescafe sachets in hotel rooms) – and I have quite a lot of that on the cards in May (more to come).


Now, onto the snacks.

These fruity biscuit shots were delicious. Easy to eat on the go….


…or directly off your desk. Either way works.



Frusli bar + cup of tea = 3pm happiness. Textbook.


I hadn’t heard of Sweet Virtues before this. They describe themselves as “superfood natural treats” (bear with me). These chocolates are 67% dark chocolate, have no cream or dairy fats in them, and are full of other seeds and so-called superfoods. They’re clearly more interesting than your bog standard box of chocolates, and I would definitely buy them as a gift for someone in future.

However, made the mistake of looking a their website. Regret. It’s full of nonsense about their ingredients helping me to “heal”. As someone who struggled with yoga because of all the hyperbole spouted, I’m afraid this puts me off a bit.

But these are nice and interesting chocolates.

(Superfood Alchemy – pah).



The dried strawberries, pineapple and banana chips were great. “Great for baking”. Sod that; great for eating straight from the packet.

I would love to have a dehydrator to make my own dried fruit (and fruit leather!) but we have a strict “no more gadgets/appliances” policy in our (tiny) kitchen.



I gave the Marmite rice cakes to Matthew, because I’m nice like that (and he loves Marmite, in a way I never will).

Yesterday was match day, and this time I am sending to Ulrike in Germany. I’m travelling to the South West of England twice in May, and then I’m off to Toronto – so I should be able to offer my penpal some fun foods (or a single large Toblerone that I panic buy at Heathrow Airport – who can say?).

And so I wish you bon weekend!

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